Hubby's Burgers



450g of meat

half medium onion

1 tsp of chili powder

1 tsp Grill seasoning

4 tbs of honey barbecue 

1 minced garlic clove

2 tablespoons minced cheese 

2 slices of cheese

1 tbsp of mustard 

1 egg

 salt to taste 

1 tbs of oil


  1.  Place the meat in a bowl with all the spices and mix thoroughly with your hands.
  2. Add your salt, garlic, and eggs to the meat mix thoroughly. 
  3. Now we will start making our patties. Consider that in between each pattie we are going to place 1tbs of cheese so for each pattie we are making we will have to make two thinner ones. Once you have made your 4 thin patties add your tablespoon of cheese in the middle and seal it with a patty on top.
  4.  In a pan place your oil add your patties cover with the lid and let cook at medium heat for 7 minutes. Turn your patties over and add the slice of cheese on the top cover and let cook for five minutes or till cheese is melted on top. Remove from heat, place your patties in the buns, and serve. 

You can also find the recipe for perfect burger onion and coleslaw on the blog. We enjoy these burgers with pickles, tomatoes, and burger onions.

Enjoy, Cassie ❤️ 

Be sure if you make them tag me on Instagram in your photos @giveitflavour


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